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Added 1/10/06

Haunt You Every Day - Weezer

Vid by : Beasley Jr.

"I don't feel the joy - I don't feel the pain - You were just a toy - I am just insane..."

Buffy's recipe for a good time? Use, abuse, loathe, love, dump ... repeat as necessary. Buffy is caught in a spiral of perversion and self-humiliation in her sick "relationship" with Spike.

Added 8/7/05

Kiss - Prince

Vid by : Girlpire

"I just want your extra time and your *smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch* ....kiss." - Prince

Ever notice how the Scoobies and the Fang Gang pass each other around like a bong? This video follows a daisy chain of affection from Buffy and Angel's first kiss to their last, with many different 'ships represented in between.

Added 8/7/05

You're So Real - Matchbox20

Vid by : Girlpire

"You think that I'm beneath you, but you like the things that I do..." - Matchbox20

Violence: for Spike, it's like third base. His POV regarding Buffy and his relationship with her from seasons 2 through 6.

Added 7/6/05

Don't Wanna Know - The Refreshments

Vid by : Girlpire

"But if you know the answer, don't tell me anyone... I don't wanna know." - The Refreshments

A look at season six's depressed!Xander. After Hell's Bells, things just get worse.

Added 6/6/05

All I Need - Matchbox20

Vid by : Girlpire

"Just stay all through the night and in the morning let me down... 'cause that's all that I need right now." -Matchbox20

Episodic of 'Entropy': Spike and Anya are moving on. And getting it on.

Added 3/26/05

Let It All Out - Relient K

Vid by : Beasley Jr.


"The end will justify the pain it took to get us there."- Relient K.

Buffy and Angel's love is forever ... unfortunately, their relationship is not. A look at the angst that is "Bangel."































































Added 5/14/05

Magic - Ben Folds

Vid by : Baconlover

"We could see that you weren't yourself ... you'd never be the same again" - Ben Folds

A study of one brother's love and the sacrifices he must make to keep his disturbed sister safe.


Added 5/14/05

Bad Moon Rising - CCR

Vid by : Baconlover

"Don't go 'round tonight, well it's bound to take your life, there's a bad moon on the rise." - Creedence Clearwater Revival

A lighthearted look at Mal's moon and the trouble the rest of the crew get into just for being their shiny selves.

Added 4/11/05

Then I Kissed Her - The Beach Boys

Vid by : Baconlover

"I knew that she was mine, so I gave her all the love that I had" - The Beach Boys

Every marriage has a sweet side, especially the marriage between a stern war vet and a stargazing pilot.

Added 3/28/05

Banditos - The Refreshments

Vid by : Girlpire

"I got the pistol, so I'll get the pesos... yeah, that seems fair." - The Refreshments

A vid about Cap'n Tightpants and the rest of the Big Damn Criminals on the Serenity crew.

Added 3/09/06

Karaoke 101 with Lorne!

Vid by : Beasley Jr.

A "How To" instructional video about the art of Karaoke - hosted by the karaoke master himself: Lorne!

Lorne provides helpful hints and tips to maximize your karaoke potential.

Added 5/14/05

Save Me - Aimee Mann

Vid by : Beasley Jr.

"If you could save me from the ranks of the freaks who suspect they could never love anyone."

Angel is a hero who can rescue thousands, but he can't even save the people closest to him.

Added 4/26/05

Turned Blue - Caroline's Spine

Vid by : Girlpire

"She told me not to let go until she turned blue." - Caroline's Spine

Wesley's blue about Fred's death. He tries to explain his feelings to Angel.

Added 4/12/05

Who I Am Hates Who I've Been - Relient K

Vid by : Beasley Jr.

"Who I am hates who I've been, cause who I've been only ever made me" - Relient K

Angel hates who he used to be, but he realizes that he can never escape his past.

Added 4/13/05

I So Hate Consequences - Relient K

Vid by : Beasley Jr.

"I had no idea where my head was at, but if my heart says I'm sorry can we leave it at that" - Relient K

Angel makes some choices against better judgement and has to deal with the consequences of his decisions.

Added 4/06/05

Inspector Gadget - Theme Song

Vid by : Beasley Jr.

"Go, Gadget, go..."

Wesley plays the role of the bumbling inspector with all the neat gadgets and weapons.

Added 4/06/05

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Theme Song

Vid by : Beasley Jr.

"...Just sit right there, I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-Air." - Will Smith

Gunn is Will Smith in this re-creation of the opening credits to "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

Added 4/06/05

Holiday in Spain - Counting Crows

Vid by : Girlpire

"We could simply pack our bags and catch a plane to Barcelona, 'cause this city's a drag." - Counting Crows

AU:  Angel's taking a vacation. He's looking forward to flying out to meet a sexy Spanish girl he once knew.

Added 3/26/05

Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx

Vid by : Girlpire

"Whatever it takes, or how my heart breaks..." bbbbbb - Richard Marx

Angel waits for the woman he loves. Meanwhile, she turns evil and ruins everything.





















Added 5/28/05

Angel - Aerosmith

Vid by : Baconlover and Hugizu

"Without your love, I'm nothing but a beggar." - Aerosmith

An introspective look at the man behind the mustache, with a totally classy, multi-genre guitar solo to boot.


Bridget Jones' Diary

Added 5/28/05

Don't Leave Me This Way - Thelma Houston

Vid by : Baconlover

"You started this fire down in my soul -- now can't you see it's burning out of control?" - Thelma Houston

Bridget thinks she needs Daniel Cleaver to make her a complete person, but after he hurts her, she realizes she's complete without him.


Wet Hot American Summer

Added 9/18/05

More Than a Feeling - Boston

Vid by : Baconlover

"I see my Maryann walking away." - Boston

Coop wants Katie, but all she wants is sex... specifically with Andy, and not with Coop.


Arrested Development

Added 1/06/06

Daddy's Girl - Peter Cetera

Vid by : Baconlover

"She don't ever wanna be without you. Never have to worry, she won't doubt you." - Peter Cetera

A satiric look at Maeby's relationship with her dad, Tobias. Little does Maeby know, Tobias really does love her - he just has a funny way of showing it.