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Music by Matchbox20

Vid by Girlpire

About this vid:

I actually won awards for this? Yay!

This is sort of a character study of Spike before he gets his soul. It's kind of funny, kind of violent, and kind of sexy... all the things that Spike is! "You're so real" actually refers to how Spike feels about Buffy, and the whole vid is basically what he would say to her if he... said it to her. Or something. Anyway I chose this song because of the line, "You think that I'm beneath you, but you like the things that I do."

The beginning part is kind of fuzzy because I made some real classy mistakes while I was making it, so I didn't really expect it to win anything. But it did! And I'm happy. :)

PG13 for all kinds of violence and a li'l sexiness.



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I won best video! I won best video!


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