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Music by Caroline's Spine

Vid by Girlpire

About This Vid:

A kind of fast-paced, angsty vid about Wesley and Fred's relationship and his subsequent relationship with Illyria. Wesley is 'blue' about what happened to Fred, and he tries to explain to Angel how he feels.

This is the first vid I've done to a relatively fast song - "Turned Blue" by Caroline's Spine. I think the song was originally about a guy who strangled his girlfriend... but I'm not sure. Anyway, the lyric that inspired this video is, "She told me not to let go until she turned blue." Which is kind of what happened in "A Hole in the World." Right?

This video is rated PG13 for character death and um... character birth? And for zooming in too close to Angel's ear.

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Mishka reviewed my video at Sensue's Forum and it was so great I had to include it on my awards page! Click the button for the review and the above link to visit Sensue's Forum.


I didn't actually win at the Bad Bad Man awards, but they gave me a great review, so I put it here. :)


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