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Music by Counting Crows

Vid by Girlpire

About This Vid:

So far, this is my favorite video that I have done! It's an AU story that follows the lyrics of the song "Holiday in Spain" by Counting Crows.

Angel is tired of working at Wolfram & Hart, and he wants a vacation. He can't stop thinking about Cordelia, this Spanish girl he used to know and desperately wants to see again. So he gets on a plane and flies to Spain, daydreaming the whole time about what he's going to do when he gets there. Sweet, huh?

This video is rated PG for slight Buffybashing and gratuitous use of hippie!Angel.

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Judge's Comments:

Jessie: This was such a joy, I was just having so much fun watching. Great job, so original.

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Yay! This is the closest I've come to winning Best Video!

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