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Manpire.com was created by Beasley Jr. and Girlpire - siblings who love the Buffy and Angel shows enough to waste loads of time creating fanvids and a website about them. All of the graphics on the site are originals made by Beasley Jr. and/or Girlpire. BOTH Beasley Jr. and Girlpire are responsible for manpire.com, so if one of them tries to take full credit, don't believe a word he says - even if he knows more about the computery stuff. Baconlover is one of our sisters, who isn't a Buffy or Angel fan (gasp!) but loves Firefly and vidding.

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Me with David Boreanaz

Age: 22

Occupation: Georgia Southern student

Favorite Angel Moments: The Angel/Wesley conversation in "Carpe Noctem," Angel and Cordelia in "Waiting in the Wings," the slow-motion fight sequence during "The Girl in Question," Angel pretending to be French in "Belonging."


Favorite Buffy Moments: In "Chosen" when you see the drawing Spike put on his punching bag, Xander walking in on Spike and Invisible!Buffy in the episode "Gone," Anya and Giles in "Tabula Rasa," The Giles/Tara duet in OMWF.

Favorite Character(s): Anya, Angelus, Season 2 Spike, and Hot!Wesley

Favorite 'Ship: Spike/Drusilla, Wesley/Lilah

When I'm not vidding: I go to class. Sometimes. I'm also President of the GSU Creative Writing club and Assistant Editor of Miscellany Magazine. I like to write short stories and have dabbled in fanfic. I pick on my roommate a lot.

About me: I have a guinea pig named Starla that I occasionally put in a large blue plastic ball so she can stand perfectly still in different rooms. My favorite sandwich is peanut butter, and I think Elvis may be alive somewhere. I probably wouldn't like David Boreanaz in real life, but I still think he's pretty. Also, I'm reeeeeally excited about the Firefly movie.

Girlpire Bio
Beasley Jr Bio

Age: 26

Occupation: Middle School Band Director

Favorite Angel Moments: Angel and Buffy in "I Will Remember You," sensitive Angel in "Sense and Sensitivity," Angel!Wesley in "Guise Will Be Guise," Angel tells the gang how he feels about women in "Carpe Noctem," "Waiting in the Wings," Wesley mastery of weapons in "Spin the Bottle," and Puppet!Angel.

Favorite Buffy Moments: Scooby gangs' 'talent' in "The Puppet Show," commando Xander and friends in "Halloween," Angel possessed by school teacher in "I Only Have Eyes for You," "sit and spin," "Band Candy" for obvious occupational reasons, Xander's really weird day in "The Zeppo," Superstar!Jonathan.

Favorite Character(s): Angel, Xander, Anya, and Wesley

Favorite 'Ship: Buffy/Angel, Wesley/Fred

When I'm not vidding: I go to class - as the teacher (they kind of make me in order to get a paycheck.) I lead a band called "The Slant," and I assist David and Julia with the youth group at FBC. I spend more time at their house than my own. I introduced them to the Buffyverse - we've finished watching the entire Angel series, and now we're in the middle of season 2 of Buffy.

About Me: I play the guitar and write music. Um... see above. :)


Baconlover Bio
Me with Bacon

Age: 24

Occupation: Kindergarten Teacher, part-time college English Professor

Favorite Firefly Moments: In "War Stories" when Jayne is about to save Mal, and Zoe stops him and says, "This is something the Captain has to do for himself," and Mal screams, "No it isn't!" and she says, "Oh," and all three of them start shooting very Tarantino-like; In "The Train Job," Jayne gets drugged and starts speaking nonsense on the bridge; Cap'n Tightpants naked on a rock - always a pleasure to view ("Trash"); Jayne gets a hat from his mom ("The Message")

Overall Favorite Episode(s): Tie between "Our Mrs. Reynolds" and "Shindig"

Favorite Character(s): Wash (sigh, my hero) and Jayne (sigh, my anti-hero)

Favorite 'Ship: Serenity of course... oh wait, you mean relationship... That would be Wash and Zoe

When I'm not vidding: Teaching 5-year-olds and 19-year-olds how to read - there's actually not that much difference between the two age groups. I'm an avid scrapbooker, which is actually a lot like making videos, except flat and sticky; I work out almost every day (again, flat and sticky work) and while I'm jogging I listen to songs that I want to use in my videos and I pretty much plan out the whole video in my head while exercising - it's a good way to take my mind off the pain (and the stickiness).

About Me: I have a husband and a mini-schnauzer named Bacon. Both are fuzzy and have beautiful eyes. They fight for my attention and it makes me feel important. Then I feed them potato chips and clean up their messes and it makes them feel important.